Day 8, WP8: Mardi Gras is a Catholic Holiday

New Orleans Catholic, anyhow.

Gentle Reader, I am what is fondly known as New Orleans Catholic, which is both a religion and a lifestyle.  It requires lots of love and open-mindedness, but also, the celebration before Lent known as Carnival.  See, Mardi Gras Day falls the day before Ash Wednesday, which is the “Fat Tuesday” celebration of the flesh (Carnival) before a time of Lent and Atonement.

This, for me, is how I grew up.  Mardi Gras wasn’t about flashing for beads.  That’s what tourists did.  Locals knew to stand there and scream, “Throw me somethin’, Mister!” to get said beads without flashing necessary.  It was what we did, every year, as children, and it’s my favorite memory: going to parades with my family.

It’s now King Cake season and it’s the time when I miss New Orleans.  I wouldn’t want to move back there–I’ve found that I’m quite settled in the Midwest–but I do miss Carnival season.

What’s your favorite childhood memory, Friends?


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