Pen Pals and Other Non-Fiction Writing

Gentle Reader, now that my Carpal Tunnel surgery is over and I’m on the road to recovery, I am starting to write by hand again.  This means that I am slowly but surely working through my backlog of cards and letters I’ve received the past six months, after it became too painful to write for longer than a few minutes.  This feels good because I have so many letters to send to so many wonderful friends!  The friend in England who sent mince pies to us for Christmas, the friend from Louisiana who sent me a gorgeous Steampunk journal, all the Christmas and Holiday cards we received from friends near and far, all of them, I am slowly writing and thanking.

I have a large collection of cards and stationery to work through, and each one is chosen carefully for the person I’m sending it to.  Some get cards, some get letters on letterhead, some get postcards and notes and quirky things.  It depends on their personality; it depends on my mood for the day.

What’s your stress reliever, Friends?


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