Day 15, WP15: Post-Its and Lists

Gentle Reader, at Target today I purchased some post-its of a size I do not have, in anticipation of receiving my Passion Planner.  It’s coming any day now!  Huzzah!  Hooray!! I can’t wait to get started organizing in a new and exciting way.

My current organizational strategy involves a complicated system of post-its, lists, and Google Calendar.  I will keep my Google calendar, but if I can narrow down my multiple (we’re talking 6 lists and two different “to dos”) lists, I can organize my life a little more neatly and manage it a little better.

But I’m on pins and needles waiting for it to come in.  I have many friends using theirs already and really loving it, so I am super excited to receive mine.  I even have new pens with which to start the organizational pattern.

What’s your organizational plan for the new year, Friends?


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