Day 24, WP24: The Sunday Meeting

Kerry Ann Rockquemore discusses The Sunday Meeting in the linked article as a way to organize yourself for the week, and Gentle Reader, now that I have my new Passion Planner, I’ve begun thinking through more ways to get organized.  Thus today, I am implementing the Sunday Meeting to make sure my calendars are synced (Google and Planner), my week is planned (so many meetings this week!), and I know what I have to do (write letters, read, prep class).

I like the idea of a Sunday Meeting as a way to prep for the upcoming week, especially as both my calendars begin their weeks on a Sunday.  I’m still utilizing my post-it lists, but I’ve confined them to home and home things (i.e. clean the bathroom, empty dishwasher, etc.).  And I’m still using my Things to Do list every day, just as a way to think through my daily life, what I want to accomplish that day, in particular.  The Planner works through the larger concerns.

So, today, for example, I want to

  1. read Vol. 2 of Longbourn (class)
  2. read two chapters of Elaine Freedgood’s The Ideas in Things (class)
  3. Read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (class)
  4. go to lunch with DH (fun!)
  5. clean my office
  6. write rec letters
  7. write three cards (correspondence)
  8. Have Sunday Meeting to prep the week

What are your plans for the day and week, Friends?


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