Sunday: Results

The results are in, Gentle Reader.  It’s 6:38 p.m., and while I’ll work a bit more for the night, chances are, I’m soon heading to bed with a good book or two.  A checkup, then, of today’s events.

My list from earlier:

  1. read Vol. 2 of Longbourn (class)
    1. DONE!
  2. read two chapters of Elaine Freedgood’s The Ideas in Things (class)
    1. On schedule for tomorrow
  3. Read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (class)
    1. On schedule for tomorrow
  4. go to lunch with DH (fun!)
    1. DONE!
  5. clean my office
    1. Ugh.  No.
  6. write rec letters
    1. On schedule for tomorrow.
  7. write three cards (correspondence)
    1. DONE!
  8. Have Sunday Meeting to prep the week
    1. DONE!

I’ve also made gumbo for dinner, gone grocery shopping, and read more of another book for school (Bryson’s At Home).

Not bad for a snowy Sunday!


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