Uppercase YA Box

Inspired by another blogger, I’ve subscribed to Uppercase’s YA Box for the first month, at least, to see if I like it 1) as much as Book Riot’s, 2) at all.  We shall see!  But I love these subscription boxes.  We have Try the World and my husband has Loot Crate (which he adores).  I had Ipsy but unsubscribed just this month.  I felt the $110/year ($10/month) wasn’t what I wanted anymore, makeup-wise.  I wasn’t playing with it enough, and I tend to be pretty loyal to my brands (i.e. Urban Decay, MAC, etc.).

What subscriptions do you have, Gentle Reader?


4 thoughts on “Uppercase YA Box”

  1. If you’d ever be interested I’m an Independent Sales Representative for Avon. If you’d ever want to know any promo codes or get any deals, you can give me your email and I can send you some of the deals we’re having now. Especially on skin care and hair care. Do you know if Sephora has any crates?

  2. I’ve always been very curious about the book boxes but have never signed up for a subscription. I’d love to see what Uppercase YA sends your way!

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