Day 26, WP26: Big Barda

Gentle Reader, I often extol my love of Wonder Woman on this blog, but I forget to discuss with you my love of other DC heroines, such as the fabulous Big Barda, who is bigger and stronger than her husband, and that’s okay with them.  Michael Chabon wrote a beautiful essay on the appeal of Big Barda, which deals a lot with her sexiness and her appeal to men.  I love that she also appeals to women, not just because she’s sexy, but because she’s strong.

Black Canary, too, I love, as I do Supergirl, Zatanna, Harley Quinn (although not quite a heroine), Star Sapphire (her power is love), Batwoman (the first openly gay superheroine in the DC universe), Batgirl, Oracle, Huntress, Catwoman, I collect them all.

I used to blog comics here and here, a long time ago, almost in another life (grad school).  On those blogs, I discussed in detail the comics’ treatment of women, writers like Greg Rucka and Gail Simone (two of my favorites), and DC.

But Marvel has recently published a love of mine, Ms. Marvel–Kamala Khan.  I’ve taught the first collection of Ms. Marvel in my YA classes, and I’ve also taught Gail Simone’s Welcome to Tranquility in my Women Writers courses.  I believe that comics are worth talking about in an academic setting, because they’re smart, Gentle Reader.  They do things that other texts aren’t, like openly discussing race and sexism.  We need more of that from these powerful writers (Simone, Rucka, Wilson).

Who’s your favorite superheroine, Friends?

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