Day 27, WP27: Sadness

I’m sad today, Gentle Reader, and I know there’s nothing I can do but ride it out and try to cheer myself up.  Sadness is different than depression–depression, I think, is darker and deeper–but sadness is just a general malaise, something specific affecting your attitude and the way you’re thinking.

So today, I am going to cheer myself up with reading Longbourn for class tomorrow, and revel in the fact that I am reading again.  It’s been hard to read for pleasure since my mother died in May 2014, and it’s just this January, really, that I’ve gotten back in the groove of reading for fun.

Maybe that’s part of my sadness.  I’ve let go of one of the grieving processes I was going through.  Maybe I’m sad because I’m healing, just a tiny bit.



2 thoughts on “Day 27, WP27: Sadness”

  1. I get sad… a lot… crying is my release. You ever see the movie Inside out? It is cute. Part of it shows that through sadness we can get to happy.

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