Day 30, WP30: Talismans

I have Talismans, Gentle Reader, on my bulletin board.  Religious cards for Catholic saints, pretty pictures I love, a Votes for Women postcards, four-leaf clovers given to my by students, a Jane Austen profile sticker, an “Engineered by Firefly” sign.  These things make me smile when I see them.  The Union Jack pinked there, the taped “Don’t let the bastards grind you down” cutout at the top of the bulletin board.

I believe in Talismans.  Maybe it’s because I’m Catholic that I believe in the power of things, or maybe it’s because I work with things for a living: books and material culture.  But these objects are important to me, precisely because I’ve placed importance on them.  They mean something special, to me.  Good luck, perhaps (the clovers) or memories (the Jane Austen sticker) or spirituality (the prayer cards).

What are your Talismans, Friends?


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