Day 36, WP36 Back on Schedule

My life has freed up a bit today, Gentle Reader, and I think that’s why I’m feeling depressed.  I tend to get overwhelmed when something begins and ends.  I am okay in a crisis, for example–I planned my entire mother’s funeral, even wrote her obituary, taking the keyboard away from the funeral director because I wanted to write it myself, but I broke down in hysterics the second I arrived back at her house.  I’m not good with beginnings and endings.  Messy middle parts are fine by me.

But that means that I need to get back onto a regular schedule, or, should I say, on a schedule, not back on a schedule, since I never had a clear schedule this semester to begin with.  Lots and lots of responsibilities and meetings and requirements.

But for now, I am drinking milky tea and just ate some Chessmen cookies (love them!).  Hopefully, this will get me back on track.  To celebrate, I am now back on track with blogging, as well.

Love you all.


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