Day 37, WP37: Working toward a Goal

It’s strange to me to have nothing to write right now, Gentle Reader.  Normally, I’m working toward some goal or another: the goal of 2 pages a day, perhaps, or a chapter a week.  But because of other obligations, I’ve had to put aside writing and not do what I normally do.

This has been the entirety of 2016 for me.

My psychologist tells me not to fret when I’m “off schedule.”  That these are arbitrary dates and times I set for myself, and are no accounting of my worth or well-being.  I agree with her; I just have difficulty believing it.

So I’m off-schedule now, and I’m trying to find a schedule again so that my writing, creative and academic, becomes productive once more.

I need to create a goal, and I shall do so tomorrow at my Sunday Meeting.

What are your goals this day/week/month/year, Friends?


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