Day 41, WP41: Lent and Ash Wednesday

I am Catholic, Gentle Reader, but what’s more I am New Orleans Catholic, which means something different, I think, than just “Catholic.”  Given Mardi Gras is a Catholic Holiday, the day before Ash Wednesday, I think it goes to show how important Catholicism is to the city of New Orleans.  I grew up Catholic; I went to CCD; I went to a Catholic high school.

But more than that, it is something I believe, even though I don’t seem to be actively religious.  Rather, my Catholicism taught me to be spiritual, rather than religious (although it promotes both).  My Catholicism is part of my life.

That being said, I don’t know what I’m giving up/going to do for Lent this year–I normally give up one thing and do another thing–and I accidentally ate meat today on Ash Wednesday.  Already, I’m feeling like a Bad Catholic.



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