Day 42, WP42: Books, Books, Books!

Or, more like, Vanity Fair, Gentle Reader, which I am reading for class tonight.  I love this novel, as I love most 19th-century novels (so much so, I got a degree in them!), but the reading of it is a bit hard.  It’s been a tiring week, not so much with meetings but more with recovering from meetings, and playing catch up with work and sleep.

But Vanity Fair is a novel that holds a special place in my heart because I wrote one of my best dissertation chapters on it, now a book chapter in a beautiful collection.  This novel makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me angry, all the good emotions one should feel when reading a book.

I love being able to read again, not just for school but for fun.  It is an essential part of my life, and it had been as if a little piece of me was gone.  Sounds dramatic, no?  Rather!  But it’s true, Friend, that I felt lost for the year and a half I couldn’t read very much.

What are you reading now?


4 thoughts on “Day 42, WP42: Books, Books, Books!”

  1. Been reading along with your daily posts, but haven’t had a lot of time to comment, but oh, look, you asked what I was reading, I have stuff to say about that. 😉
    I’ve been struggling with getting my new Kindle to work with checking out e-books from the library and last night I finally sorted it – because I wanted to read the rest of a YA werewolf trilogy. 🙂 I found the first book by chance, Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock, when I was trying to figure out what was available to be checked out, read it in a day, and then went on a quest to figure out the other system for checking out the second book, Thornhill. It plays a bit with the typical teen love triangle which I appreciate, but gives the teenager at the middle of the story a lot of agency (and she doesn’t make me want to shake her for not sharing information too too often 🙂 ).

    1. That sounds good! Sometimes I get annoyed with some YA and lack of agency. I’m reading a fun one right now: Jillian Cade: Fake Paranormal Investigator. Lots of agency and fun!

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