Day 43, WP43: I Remember…

I remember being a child, waking up with books all around my bed.  The weight of them was comfortable, made me want more of them.

I remember buying my first book from a store, as in, walking in, choosing it, and bringing it to the register.  I do not remember its name, but I remember loving it, every moment.

Books are my life.  I mean that quite literally, as my career is made of books: reading books, teaching books, talking about books, writing books.  It is a beautiful career and I love it with words I cannot express.

I remember reading until dawn, my father walking into my room and fussing at me for not sleeping.  “Why are you still awake?”  “Because the book was so good.”  I do remember that book: Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten.  This happened multiple times, with hundreds of books.

My shelves are overloaded.  My Kindle app bursting with books and samples.

I love books, more than this little blog can say.

Happy Reading, Friends.


2 thoughts on “Day 43, WP43: I Remember…”

  1. I remember ordering my first books from the Scholastic book club catalogue, and also that first gift certificate that let me walk into a real book store and come out with 4 books for $20. 🙂

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