Day 44, WP44: Pre-Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, Gentle Reader, a day early but a sincere wish nonetheless.  I don’t like V-Day in general–I find it pretentious and disappointing, with or without a partner–but I don’t deny other people their enjoyment!  DH and I are going to see Deadpool tomorrow night in our V-Day celebration.  We’re very excited.  About Deadpool, I should say.  Not about V-Day.

We usually get steaks and watch horror movies in our celebration of V-Day, sort of an anti-celebration, if you will.  We celebrate our anniversary as our big love moment.  November 27 means more to us than some arbitrary date in February!

What are your plans, if any, Friends?


2 thoughts on “Day 44, WP44: Pre-Valentine’s Day”

  1. I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day. Show me love all the time! It’s a made up money holiday. My love day is next Sunday my anniversary! With that said we stayed in and he cooked dinner and we watched TV and other stuffs lol

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