Day 45, WP45: Valentine’s Actual

DH does sweet things for me, Gentle Reader, like buy me little gifts or get books for me from Interlibrary Loan he thinks I will like.  This to me is love.  It’s in the little gestures, the grand gestures are all well and good, but 16 years together, 11 years of marriage has made grand gestures a process we complete together.

This summer, we are going on an Alaskan Cruise.  This has been our dream for many years, and we’ve not taken a vacation since our honeymoon in 2004 (Disneyworld!).  We’re so very excited about this Grand Gesture of love and friendship, but I get just as excited when he says, “I bought you these because I couldn’t imagine a world in which Amy did not own them,” and hands me binder clips with various happy faces stamped into the metal.

Little gestures, Friends, are beautiful.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Actual, if any?


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