Day 46, WP46: tea and biscuits

I just had some biscuits, Gentle Reader, with my tea (milk and PG Tips and 2 splenda=yum) and feel the need to sing the praises of tea time.  I tend to drink tea when I get home from campus because 1) I have milk here and do not have it on campus, 2) I have more work to do (the life of the mind is never done!), and 3) I love tea time 🙂

It’s something I’ve adapted from my British friends across the Pond, and being the Anglophile that I am, it’s no wonder I’ve adopted such a pattern.  But it’s true: sometimes tea does solve the problem at hand, because it forces you to sit back and relax and figure out the problem in a calm, orderly way.

Today was not calm nor orderly.  I had a Panic Attack, or the start of one, and it was vicious and cruel.  I hate them, truly, and I hate that they still happen to me.

So I will drink my tea, consider getting another biscuit (these are Thai coconut orange rolls from my Try the World Box), and calm myself down, as best I can.

In blogging news, I’ve been nominated for a blogging award, the Miranda Sings Award by the wonderful You’re Not Alone in This World, whom I thank for considering This Humble Blog.


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