Day 52, WP51: Deadpool and The Witch

So for Valentine’s Day, DH and I went to see Deadpool at the local “fancy” theater, the one with reclining seats and hot food served.  It. Was. A. Blast.  I laughed, I cried I laughed so hard, I was offended, I wasn’t offended, everything a good comedy should be, it was!

Then yesterday, we went to see The Witch which was extremely scary and smart.  It built tension, rather than thrusting it in your face.  It was a slow, subtle build, and we enjoyed it immensely.

Last night, we watched Spectre (noticing a theme here, Gentle Reader?  Movies, all the time!), and I railed against the ridiculous inconsistencies of the plot, like, where did they get their clothes in Tunisia?  And, who set up the elaborate trap, and who had the time??  But despite those problems, and many more!, I enjoyed the movie.

What are you watching, Friends?


2 thoughts on “Day 52, WP51: Deadpool and The Witch”

  1. I saw Deadpool and was horrified at all the young children in the theater. And reclining seats is the best way to go to the movies! I love those theaters!

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