Day 54, WP54: Keeping a Schedule for Writing

I went to a workshop today, Gentle Reader, that gave some fantastic advice–some known, some unknown–about writing and keeping On A Schedule ™.  This is something I used to do but have fallen away from.

I spoke yesterday to Raven Snow (go to her website and read her amazing books, available for free!) and she said the same thing: she writes every day, every morning, in fact, for an hour.

This workshop suggested 15-30 minute spurts, once a day, which is a manageable amount of time.  I have this 14 day writing challenge I am entering for an essay I’m finishing for academic writing, but once that’s done (and probably done with some binge writing this weekend) I AM going to get back to writing every day, both creatively and academically.

Why?  Because, as DH said, I enjoy it, and lately, I haven’t enjoyed writing.  I need to remember why I started doing this in the first place: to tell stories.  Not to get published.  Not to become rich (ha!) or famous (haha!) as a writer (!), but to tell my stories.

I need to remember what I enjoyed about that, both academically and creatively.



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