Day 74, WP74: working from home

Did a lot of work today at home and at Barnes and Noble, Gentle Reader, but tomorrow, I’m back to campus to work out the rest of the leftovers from Spring Break.  I was a naughty, naughty girl and got Nothing. Done. Over. Spring. Break.  Nothing!  And we’ve visitors this week and next week, so I need to amp up my working, stat!

But I worked at home today with DH’s mother, who was also working remotely, and it was nice to have someone else in the house.  Normally, I’m alone on Mondays, as DH goes to campus for class, which I don’t have Mondays or Fridays.  Also, DH’s mother is making a HUGE pot of red gravy, with all kinds of nummy meats in it, so I am psyched for dinner tonight.

What are you eating tonight, Friends?


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