Alaskan Cruise Day 4: At Sea

Prequel: Harley Quinn, my chocolate lab mix, has been sick the last few weeks.  She had a hot spot she worried into infection, and we’ve been giving her medicine and antibiotics to help with the infection and the pain.  She’s bounced back well, considering her age (she’s 11), and now, she’s sitting with me in my office as I drink my coffee and write.  Today is a rather Big Day for me, for reasons I won’t disclose as of yet, but good thoughts headed my way would be much appreciated.

Regatta, morning: We woke entirely too early and tried to force ourselves back to bed.  It was because of the light, you see, coming off the ocean.  We’d only visited this type of area before when we went to Scotland, and had forgotten how late it got dark, and how early it became light.  We meandered to breakfast, ate delicious foods, and then hung out in our room the rest of the morning.

Regatta, noon: Another amazing meal, this time, at the Grand Dining Room, which was to become a favorite of ours, outside of Toscana (the Italian specialty restaurant).  Each day, they had a “Taste of the World” tasting lunch, hailing from a different region.  We experienced Mexico, Scandinavia, Morocco, India, Asia, all on different days.  This day was, I believe, Mexico, which was our first experience with the tasting menu.  Delish!

Regatta, afternoon: Things began to become troublesome, as we encountered rough waters.  And with rough waters, DH began to feel seasick.  This was a surprise for both of us, as I’m the one who usually gets motionsick.  But no, alas, it was DH, who grew increasingly green as the day progressed.  We tried the afternoon tea at the Horizons lounge, but it was plain that DH was not feeling well.  We made our exit when we could.

Regatta, evening: We valiantly attended the Grand Dining Room for dinner, but after we ordered, it was plain to see that DH was not going to make it.  He was sweating bullets, and gripping the table so hard, his knuckles went white.  We received a ginger ale from our waitress and walked back to the room as quickly as we could, forgoing what promised to be a delicious meal.  The staff was very worried about him, and offered to send the food to the room.  We said we’d order room service, thanked them for their concern, and went back.  He had the seasickness patch, but it takes some time to take effect, and he kept sweating it off as he sweat through everything in his sickness.  He managed to feel better–the patch started working–we got some food in him, and went to sleep looking forward to the next day on land, in Alaska.


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