Alaskan Cruise Day 6: Wrangell, Alaska

Prequel: I should say, Gentle Reader, that at this point in my trip, it’s only Day 4 of the cruise, but day 6 of the trip.  Remember, the first two days were spent in Seattle.  We boarded Oceania’s Regatta on May 30, 2016, and this would be June 2 when we reached Wrangell, Alaska.

Regatta, morning: another early morning.  It was becoming quite a trend!  The turn-down service at night always closed our curtains, and when we returned from dinner, we always opened them again to get the beautiful view of the passing water and mountains.  Have I mentioned the exceptional service on Regatta?  They cleaned our room twice a day, including a turn-down service at night, complete with chocolates waiting for us when we returned from dinner!  Also, in the fridge were soft drinks and waters, fully stocked each day.  A wonderful experience, food-wise, service-wise, across the board.

Wrangell, morning: We exited the ship and went to meet our tour, which was to take us on highlights of Wrangell, the museum, and the petroglyph beach.  We also picked up a native tourguide on the way who told us the native history of Wrangell, and about the native population still living there.  The tour was informative and the beach was fascinating.  The Museum was so-so, a small natural history museum with some historical information, and the town itself was small, smaller than Ketchikan.  We ended in a totem park with information about the totem poles from the native guide.  We dropped him off and headed back to the pier to reembark on the ship.

Regatta, afternoon: We ate lunch on the ship, and then went to rest and read.  This became a trend with us, and we joked that the post-breakfast nap was a completely different nap than the pre-lunch nap, etc.  But it’s true that I relaxed in a way I had never relaxed before in my life.  I enjoyed every moment of my trip, and even enjoyed those down times I had in between visiting a town, eating, or sleeping.  Remember, Reader, I had not taken a vacation in 11 years, not a proper one.  And it’s hard for me to settle down, to appreciate the time to just sit still and do nothing, or nap, or read for fun. This trip helped me settle, and I’m so grateful for it.

Regatta, evening: We ate in the Grand Dining Room for the first time for dinner (remember our aborted attempt the second night when DH became seasick) and loved everything we ate.  The portions are perfectly sized and the food and service exceptional.  I’m so glad we chose Oceania to cruise with!

Postscript: Any details you’d like to hear or see on this blog, Friends?  Just let me know!


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