Neglectful! Terrible! Rotten!

These are words I associate with myself, Gentle Reader, when I don’t blog for a length of time.  But it’s been rather a Crazy Summer, and now that Fall Semester has started, I’m going in, hair flying.  I taught an intensive 8-week graduate summer course that ended right before Fall started, and now, I’ve four classes to teach, along with the duties of a tenured faculty member (now that I am officially tenured, hurrah!).  Let’s not forget being a Dog Mom and a Wife and a Human Being, and it’s no wonder that things like Writing and Reading and Blogging are falling to the wayside.

But I’m here now (yes, cold comfort, I know) and I missed you, Friends.  I feel like everything and nothing has happened since I last saw you, and I know I am also only halfway through my trip to Alaska.  It feels so long ago now, I don’t know if I can blog it properly, but I will try, over the coming days.

Until then, enjoy cooler weather (hopefully), support Louisiana in its rebuild from the floods (my home state), and tell me, what have you been up to, Friend?


One thought on “Neglectful! Terrible! Rotten!”

  1. I have been doing a lot of thinking, over the past several months, about stress and its value. A certain amount of stress, I think, is helpful. It’s motivating. With zero stress, I don’t know about you, but I’m likely to just sit around and read Facebook all day. But if you ‘fail’ at the thing you were stressing about, that’s even more stressful, and a certain point that stress is overwhelming, debilitating. Proven bad for one’s health. So there’s a balance there. So what I’m trying to say is, if feeling a little guilty helps motivate you to do a thing you ultimately want to do, which is write blog posts, that is good. But you are not neglectful or terrible or rotten if other life gets in the way, and we will be happy to read you when you come back.

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