Fashion Madness

I’ve gone mad, Gentle Reader, for Eshakti clothing.  I’ve purchased so many dresses from them, I can’t keep count, but get this: they customize by size and sleeve, length, and neckline view.  You can order dresses according to your direct measurements, and it’s lovely, purely lovely.

I also purchased some new Doc Marten Mary Janes (because the 90s are back, Friends!  Officially now!) and the other day, wore an outfit I am *pretty sure* I wore a facsimile of the first day of college in August 1994.

I’ve been reveling in my fashions lately, loving my clothes and shoes and outfits.  Sad that the weather is so warm (ugh, the heat and humidity in the Midwest is almost as bad as the South!) but it should be cooling off soon enough.

The semester has started with a bang, and I’m keeping afloat amidst meetings, classes, committees, and life in general.

How are you holding up this fine September day, Friends?  Any new fashions in your life?


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