Last week, I picked up my novel Marvel Among the Demons for the first time in almost a year, and Gentle Reader, I am making real progress.  I have caught up to the point where I stopped writing–there are 198 pages so far of what I imagine will be a 350-400 page book–and now, I need to start writing instead of revising.  This is both invigorating and terrifying to me, because it really has been so long.

I also have an article due in January I need to make some progress on, but the holidays are always a difficult time to get anything done.  Just different schedules, timings, visitors, etc. and a carefully planned routine–one I depend on–gets thrown to the wind.

I’m not a “write anywhere” kind of person.  I used to be.  I used to be able to go to coffeeshops for hours and write write write.  Now, I have to be either in my home office or my work office, quiet and solitude, snacks nearby and tea or coffee, and work in bits and spurts. I used to thrive on the coffeeshop sounds (conversations, cups clinking, etc.) but now, I can’t even really work with music on, even my Explosions in the Sky station on Pandora.

Also, I’m a morning worker.  I love mornings, the quietness of it, the solemnity.  I feed the dogs, eat brekkie, check Facebook and emails, and then, get to work after my two cups of coffee.  Next semester, I’m teaching only in the afternoons, so I imagine my mornings will become quite productive indeed.  I’m definitely not an afternoon or, God forbid, a night person (although I used to be, back in the day!).  About 3:00 I become useless!

What are your rituals and routines, Friends?


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