The New Wonder Woman Trailer

In my recent post on Watching Rogue One, I mentioned that as a child, I was dedicated to my two obsessions: DC Comics, and Star Wars.  I wore Wonder Woman and Supergirl underroos under my school uniform for that extra burst of special energy I needed (Go, girl, go!), and as an adult, I’ve never lost it, my love for All Things Wonder Woman, and All Things Star Wars.

I wanted to remain unspoiled for the Wonder Woman movie, Gentle Reader, but in watching Rogue One yesterday, I saw the new trailer for WW.  I confess, I had tears in my eyes as I watched it. I’ve dreamed of a good WW movie for so long, and this, this looks like it will finally fulfill that dream.  They’re taking her seriously, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted, was for WW to be taken as seriously as I take her.

Gail Simone, Greg Rucka, George Perez, these writers have taken her seriously.  They have written wonderfully about the Amazon Princess, and I’ve been grateful to them for their stories.  George Perez got the Amazon part, Rucka got the alienation part, and Simone understood the humorous side.

I grew up with WW by my side.  Looked to her when things were tough, and yes, Gentle Reader, I still collect her today.  I have dozens of action figures, accoutrements, knicks and knacks all about WW.  I collect other things, too–octopodes, owls, other DC and Marvel heroines–but my WW collection is my favorite.

Another thing I loved about the movie trailer was the presence of Etta Candy.  I’ve used that handle for a long time: I’ve blogged under ettacandy, my Twitter handle is @ettacandy, because it’s important that WW have a friend, a normal friend (who likes candy and says, “Woo Woo!”) to help her navigate a tricky world.

I cannot WAIT to see the movie.

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