Goals for the New Year

I’m in academia, Gentle Reader, which means I actually have several “new years” to start my goals anew.  Spring semester, fall semester, and the actual New Year celebration of moving from one year to the next.  Therefore, I have decided to start my goals on Monday, when my semester starts, so I have a schedule set.  Since my goals are “read more, write more, stress less,” I’ve decided to go to what my friend calls “sprint writing”: writing in bursts once a day.  My goal is 20 minutes creative, 20 minutes research (academic), and 20 minutes academic writing.  This gets me a dedicated hour every morning to work on my writing and to get something done.  That doesn’t mean I can’t also write at other times in the day, but I need to get back to daily writing.  I’m happier when I do it; I’m more productive when I do it; we all know the true answer to writing is “BICHOK: Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard.”  I need to get back to that, pronto.

What are your goals, Friends?


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