Today Begins My New Year

It’s true, Gentle Reader, that I count Sundays as the beginning of the week.  I organize my planner on Sundays; I make my plans for the week on Sundays; I start on Sundays.  So considering this is the start of my new year–Spring Semester, and all its plans–I need to work as I planned for the new year.

This means writing again.

It’s one of the reasons I’m on the blog right now: to ease my way back into writing.  Friends, it’s been so long.  I’ve revised; I’ve planned; I’ve read.  But I haven’t written, not really.  And I now have a self-imposed deadline of March to finish Marvel among the Demons and send it to my fabulous agent (the deadline is real when I tell him about it, which I did!).  That means writing, and writing hard, for the next three months.

I admit.  I’m scared.  I’m a writer, which means raging egotism coupled with crippling social anxiety.  I know I’m good (but what if I’m not?).  I can write (but maybe not anymore?).  It’s awful.  It plagues me.

And I know: sit my butt in a chair, put my hands on a keyboard, and just WORK.  Every day.  That’s how words get on pages.  It’s a tried and true plan.  And I’m ready to start it.  Today.

(But I’m not ready?)


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