Remembering Books

There were several books I read over and over again as a young child, and as I am currently teaching Adolescent and Young Adult Literature, I’ve started to think about those books again.  I’m not the Harry Potter Generation, Gentle Reader.  More, I’m the Star Wars generation, born in the mid-seventies and dressing up like Princess Leia for every Halloween and Mardi Gras five years in a row.  But there were books, too, that I read over and over again, and those were a mixture of classics and just fun.  Bridge to Terabithia was a favorite, as was this weird little book called The Prince of Whales.  I loved Where the Red Fern Grows and also Little Women, but mainly because it had a character named Amy.  I read a lot, varied subject matter, lots of ghost stories and Scholastic Press books and some books I shouldn’t have read, too (Stephen King at age 9!).

What were your favorite books, Friends?


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