Lack of Schedule, Lack of Routine

Oh, Gentle Reader, this semester has been A Bust, personally.  I kept up with classes and service work and other requirements of my job, but I never found a rhythm, for personal activities like writing.

Which means:

  1. I signed up for NaNoWriMo and never wrote one word.
  2. I failed my goal of finishing MARVEL AMONG THE DEMONS this semester.
  3. I never got a routine for important things, research-wise.

As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, I am diagnosed OCD.  That means I don’t have the fun cleaning version of OCD; I have the scary really obsessive-compulsive version of OCD.  One of the strategies that helps me cope is having a routine, set almost in stone, for every day.  I didn’t have that this past fall, so as a result, my OCD has gone a bit haywire.  Washing my hands 50 times a day haywire.

But.  But!  Next semester bodes well.  I have a completely different teaching schedule (same for spring and next fall, almost exactly) which means I can settle into a schedule and routine that lets me do the things I want to do, like write, and research, and plan.

In fact, right now, I am sitting at a coffeehouse, getting back into the habit of blogging.  I’ve missed writing, so very much.  It’s an emptiness when I don’t write.  Like a part of my brain is just hollow.  Blogging, creative work, academic work, all of it settles me, quiets the loud places in my skull.  It’s time to get back to that.

So New Year goals ahead: writing, reading, settling down, getting back my mental health.

What about you, Friends?


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