New Year, New Journaling

Gentle Reader, my last post told you about my OCD and my need for a routine, a dependable schedule that I can use to get Me Things Done.  I’ve had the above notebook lurking in my office for a year or so (from the fabulous May Designs!).  It’s a simple notebook, with lists running down left and right margins of the bifold in pink, and a grid in the middle.  I’ve decided to try listing or bullet journaling, and make this my personal achievement notebook.  I have a daily/weekly planner (again, from May Designs, their daily agenda template) but that’s different.  That’s detailed lists of what needs to be done, appointments and meetings, grading to do, etc.  The Unicorn Journal ™ outlines plans for the week (i.e. bake one new thing a week, pick a new book, etc.) and plans for the day (daily writing, academic writing, reading).

One thing on my weekly list is to blog, so hopefully this will put me back in action!

As of now, however, I’m back in pajamas on a Saturday, making bread and sorting out my life for the start of the spring semester.  2018, bring it!


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