Week One

Yes, I know, Gentle Reader, that it’s far from “Week One” of the New Year, but as my New Years start with the school cycle, this is the end of Week One for me.  And what a week it has been!  I’ve managed to write every day (huzzah!) and while some days were more productive than others, my “write until you don’t want to write anymore” plan seems to have gone swimmingly to get me back into the rhythm.  I get up.  I feed dogs and let them outside.  I eat.  I have coffee.  Then I write.  Even if it’s only for 15 minutes, it’s sustained writing and with revisions, I’m over 50K words into my YA novel that sat untouched for almost a year.

We did, however, get some not so great news this week.  Our beloved oldest dog, Miss Harley Quinn, had a tumor removed two weeks ago that was in fact cancerous.  Our vet is confident he got it all out, but we are still worried about our girl.  She’s our first dog, our first love, and she means the world to us.  I heard someone say, “when you buy a pet, you buy a tragedy,” and while that is in some ways true–pets sadly don’t live long lives–while they’re here with us, they’re so precious and amazing.  All that love to give and receive.

As a result, I sort of went a little kagoo (as my mother would have said, something Cajun French I think) with buying school supplies (?) because it made me feel grounded (???).  Ask not for whom the school supplies toll, Friends.  They toll for me.  Above is my first batch, another lovely notebook and some pens I’ve had my eye on.  Waiting for another order from Jet Pens (another notebook and Blackwing pencils) and May Designs (two notebooks).

Otherwise, we’ve been snowed in (!).  I made bread (!!).  We might leave the house today (!!!).  2018 is starting well on the personal front.

How are you, Friends?


4 thoughts on “Week One”

  1. First and most importantly, sending my love to HQ. We’re also dealing with pet anxiety — for weeks now — so I sympathize. But also, please report back on those pens because they look awesome.

    1. My love to your pet, too! xoxo I will definitely report back on pens. I think I ordered the Blackwing pencils because your husband uses them, right? I think you posted about them once.

  2. I’ve seen your FB posts on HQ and am hoping to hear about her continued recovery. Our Bart had a tumor removed a few years ago with decent margins and we feared they didn’t get it all – happily that tumor didn’t come back. It’s scary though.

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