Week Six

I continue to write, Gentle Reader, every morning, even though some mornings have been cut short by demands on my time.  But even then, I write a page, or half a page, enough to have written and made progress.

I hit 70K words on MARVEL AMONG THE DEMONS just this morning, and I am gearing up for the final scenes.  I think it will be 90K when I’m done the first full draft.  Then, in a few weeks over spring break, I will revise the entire novel and send it off to my agent.

I also started a journal.  It’s meant to be a bullet journal, but 1) I’m terrible at making things pretty (arts and crafts always defy me) and 2) I already have an agenda I’m happy with.  So I decided to make it a morning and evening journal to sort of think through the day and reflect.  We’ll see how long I keep it up!  And how long my stenciling holds!

I’m pretty bad at even tracing lines in a stencil.  Let’s be honest.


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