Dog Days 1: Zoe Pryde Meets the Family

I love this picture, Gentle Reader, of Zoe and I experiencing our first hug.  Our girl is a sweet girl, full of energy and kisses and zoomies.  She’s a bit of a food gobbler, and annoys her big sisters with her curiosity and energy, but it’s been one night so we’re hoping everyone settles down.

We are crate training her, as we’ve crate trained our last two pups, and she’s a little whiny when we first put her in there, but after a while she calms down and settles.  She slept well, only up once last night for a potty break (1:30, and I was wide awake after, and considered writing my daily writing then, but managed to put myself back to sleep).  I’m trying to maintain my morning schedule around her feeding and playtime.  It’s hard to make sure I don’t lose momentum when I’m so close to the end of MARVEL AMONG THE DEMONS (two chapters?  three?  So close!).

Zoe is partly named “Zoe” because we like the name, and we like Zoey from Firefly, and we like Zoe Bowie, and Pryde is for X-Men Kitty Pryde, one of our favorite characters (I adore her in Astonishing X-Men).  She’s a ball of fluff and floof and is already learning “come” and “fetch.”

We need to get the whole family on board with this new addition.  Hopefully, the big dogs will come around!


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