Dog Days 2: And She Never Slept Again

We’ve had a difficult pup before, Gentle Reader.  Moxie Rocket was quite the nightmare.  She didn’t sleep for several months (so it seemed) and hated her crate.  Well, Zoe isn’t a fan of her crate, either, but at least she sleeps!  We had an accident in the crate last night.  She didn’t cry out for me, that I heard anyhow, and I woke up several times in the night to listen for her.

Ah well.  Every day is a new day with a puppy.

Currently, she is in her crate making the most amazing noises I’ve heard a puppy make.  Some are mini-howls, as she’s part husky, and therefore can howl even at this young age.  We go to the vet today for microchipping, deworming, second round of shots, and general checkup.  Fun days!  I have to figure out how to transport this small animal without a second person in my car.  Luckily, the vet is half a mile or so away.

She’s cute.  She’s sweet.  She’s a terror.  Such is the life with a pup.


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