Dog Days 3: Crate Training and the Like

Gentle Reader, my older two dogs are UNHAPPY, yes, UNHAPPY in all caps about the new addition in our lives.  They have lived a rather sedentary life the past few years as they’ve gotten older, and this addition has disrupted them beyond anything they could have dreamed, if dogs dreamed of such things.  Zoe is fascinated by her big sisters.  Harley, my eldest, is barely tolerant, while Moxie, my 5 year old, is outright scared of this 9 pound puppy.

Moxie weighs 90 pounds.

I have been trying to maintain my morning routine of writing, and that’s been working thus far, Monday-Wednesday.  I get up, feed Moxie and Harley, walk Zoe, feed Zoe, walk her again, then after a few minutes of play, put her back in the crate until I’ve eaten, had coffee, and written.  She screams in her crate, but she’s quieted down now.  Ah, peaceful, blissful quiet.

We had to adjust her crate after we went to the vet yesterday.  The vet said if she peed in her crate, then she had too much room, so we made it smaller for her.  It seems so small!  But she had a mostly clean bill of health from the vet (some puppy worms), got her microchip and her shots, and was the belle of the ball at the vet clinic.  They loved her puppy kisses!

I do too.  I’m going to go get some right now.


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