Dog Days 5: Setting a Schedule that Works

Gentle Reader, as I’ve said before on this blog, I’m trying to preserve my morning writing routine at the same time I’m trying to raise a 12-week-old puppy (with the help of my darling husband, of course).  But he stays up later with said pup, and I wake up earlier (I am an early bird; he is a night owl), so setting a schedule is hard work.  Thank God for the crate!

So here’s the schedule:

  1. In bed at 8 or 9.  I go to bed early.
  2. Up at 1 or 2 with the pup to walk her.
  3. Up at 6 with the pup to walk her again.  Feed all dogs.  Walk puppy again.
  4. Puppy goes back in crate.  I eat breakfast and drink coffee at my computer.
  5. I write, 2-3 pages or about 20 minutes.
  6. Take puppy out of crate and play hard with her.

It’s been working so far.  She’s still a bit of a crier in her crate at certain moments, but she’s been getting a lot better about it, especially when she has a Kong to entertain her.

Pups like routine.  It’s helpful.  It’s something to count on.  My dogs know about 5:00, it’s dinnertime, and they get ready for it.  We’re putting Zoe on that schedule too.

Of course now, Zoe has a thousand nicknames, but the most popular one being The Great and Powerful ZOBO!  We’re weird.  We accept it.


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