Week Eight

Gentle Reader, it’s done!  MARVEL AMONG THE DEMONS is done and in revision phase, about to go out to both agent and beta readers next week.  I finished the scripting on Thursday, and now, am working on five chapters a day of revision, which should get me done by this time next week.

It’s not the first time I’ve finished a novel.  I have two novels being shopped right now.  But it is the first time I’ve finished after having such a long hiatus from writing.  I am back to it and have moved on to my next MS, JOLIE AND THE FLYING ACES.  I don’t know if anything will ever come of it, but I wanted to keep my writing momentum, and make rewriting a separate activity.

This morning, after I play with Zoe (she not-so-patiently waits in the crate for me to finish writing before we have our morning play) I’m headed to Starbucks to work on the next five chapters.  The first ten have been rather easy, because they’ve been rewritten several times.  But the further we get into the book, the more revision is needed because I started writing faster and sloppier to get it done.  I’m not an outliner, so writing is my outline.  I need to change several things in the story that developed, and I’m trying to keep character changes and such straight in my head.

But yay! Done!  And with a new puppy to boot!


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