Dog Days 6: Setbacks

Hello, Gentle Reader.  Sorry for the long delay but we’ve been on spring break (huzzah!) and I have mostly been spending my time 1) finishing the rewrite of MARVEL AMONG THE DEMONS, which is now with my agent and with beta readers, and 2) raising Zoe Pryde.  We’ve started puppy kindergarten, and Zoe did an excellent job, but we have had some setbacks on potty training and biting.  We took Zoe to the vet yesterday to see if she has a bladder infection, because she’s been peeing a lot, and in her crate sometimes.  We limit water, but still, we are finding these issues.  We take her out every hour or two hours during the day, and every 4 at night (although some nights, it’s more than that) and still, she’s having accidents.  So, to the vet we went!  We find out today if there is anything, and the vet put her on antibiotics just in case.

Zoe is our third dog, and so I know there are potty training setbacks but I can’t help but take them as a personal failing on MY part.  I’ve done something wrong, and have set her up for failure.  She’s a pup, I know, but still.  I blame myself.  I’m trying to be more relaxed about it but we will see how that goes.


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