Week Nine

Gentle Reader, I just typed the header for Chapter Seven in my new novel, JOLIE AND THE FLYING ACES.  Except it’s not really new.  It’s old, maybe thirteen years old, and it’s changed a lot since its inception.  I had grand plans for it; it was to be my Literary Novel.  But now, I’ve got other grand plans for it: YA future New Orleans.  Some things remain the same: much of the title, the title characters, the setting, but a lot has changed, as well: the age, the purpose, the plot.  It’s fun to think that this old thing is breathing new life.  I’m enjoying the writing of it.

I have to confess, I am nervously awaiting feedback about MARVEL from my agent and my beta readers.  I’ve had one response from my alpha reader, and she was very positive, so that’s good.  Based on her initial commentary, I changed the ending, and am much happier with where the novel drops off.  But I’ve never had a novel go out to this many readers before, all at once.  It’s both exciting and nerve-wracking!

My bullet journaling has tapered off with the introduction of Zoe to our family.  She just takes up so much morning time that I use my free time to write, and to occasionally blog.  I have written a bit, mostly at Starbucks when I escape, but she’s been having potty training problems, so we’re walking her outside a lot.

Speaking of pups, it’s time I go play with her now.  Pleasant week, my friends!  We are sadly on the last day of spring break.  I return to the real world tomorrow.  Alas, and anon.


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