Dog Days 7: Snow!

I have two husky mixes, Gentle Reader, and it never ceases to amaze me how much they love snow.  Snow snow snow!  We had an unexpected snowstorm yesterday and got about an inch on the ground (that’s a lot for Southern Indiana!).  Most of the local schools are closed for the day (!)–not the University where we work so work, alas, for us–and snow is the word of the day.  For my husky mixes, it’s play play play.  I had to fuss for Moxie (my husky/lab mix, 5 years old) to come inside, and when I took Zoe (my husky/chow/lab mix, 14 weeks) out for the first time to see snow, she was ecstatic.  She ate the snow; she played in the snow; she didn’t want to come inside.

As for my Harley (lab/border collie mix, 13 years), I don’t think she’s been outside yet since it snowed.  She’s happiest warm and inside.



2 thoughts on “Dog Days 7: Snow!”

  1. I love that the puppy ate the snow. But I think I am with Harley this morning – give me a blanket and a warm bed to snuggle in!

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