Week Twelve

Some changes this week, Gentle Reader, as JOLIE AND THE FLYING ACES has been changed to THE LAST OF THE QUARTER, thanks to the wonderful suggestion by my wonderful agent.  It fits the new direction of the book better anyhow (remember, this is an old text I picked up after about thirteen years) and the new title echoes the new direction.

Still writing, but not as fast, not as much.  I don’t know if I’m tired, getting tired, or just need a break.  But I want to keep my momentum going as much as possible.  My agent read the first 70 or so pages and we had a great talk about it, with some excellent suggestions on his part.  THIS IS THE KIND OF AGENT YOU NEED, FRIENDS.  One who reads works in progress and gives you solid advice.  I’m so grateful to mine.

The pup is whining so I’m off to play with her.  Just checking in.  Three months down!  Happy Easter, everyone!


One thought on “Week Twelve”

  1. You always have the coolest ideas! Just remember to let yourself enjoy the writing – it doesn’t matter whether it takes you two months or two years to finish. xoxo

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