Week Fourteen

Well, it happened, Gentle Reader.  I’ve slowed down and moved from production to revision.  It was bound to happen; my momentum was slowing down and I knew I needed a break.  I know it’s work, but it doesn’t feel like the same kind of brain work, so I feel like it’s not the same (I know it’s not the same, but it is, but it isn’t).  Ah well.  I’m about halfway through my second revision of MARVEL AMONG THE DEMONS and getting it ready to send out to beta readers.

Zoe is growing every day.  I looked at her this morning and she’s so tall and skinny!  Compared to Harley Quinn and Moxie Rocket, she’s downright little!  But she’s getting bigger every day, and I enjoy watching her grow.  Potty Training is still a bit of a bear, but we are doing our best to try to get her trained.  I forgot how hard it was–it’s been five years since our last puppy–and every dog approaches it differently.  At times, I think she might be doing it for attention: she gets out of the crate, gets a bath and towel snuggle time with Mommy–but other times, I think she overdrinks and her little bladder can’t handle it.

Trying to read again, something other than work for school, and finally finished book 2 of Libba Bray’s The Diviners series last night.  Going to get started on book 3 and maybe pick up something else.  My dad asked me last night if I had something to read, and I said, I have 400 unread books in my house.  Between physical books and the Kindle, it’s pretty true.  I subscribe to a few monthly/quarterly book subscription services, and I am behind behind behind on my reading!  Not to mention I have a few books by some of my favorite writers I’m just stalled in for reasons I can’t comprehend (Fireman, Crosstalk).

Hope you’re having productive weeks, friends!


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