Week One, 2019 Edition

*brushes the dust off the blog*

*sets fingers onto keyboard*

Hello, Gentle Reader, and welcome back to both of us!  It’s been several–several!–months since we’ve seen each other, and that, of course, is all my fault.  Slings and arrows!  Mea culpa!  It’s been a Rough Year, of course, but one full of engaging, interesting things.  I started yoga!  I did a DNA test and connected with a possible blood relative!  I applied for sabbatical!  I finished a fourth novel (third with my agent)!  So many exciting things.

But one thing I did not do was blog faithfully.

It feels old-school now, doesn’t it?  This blog?  Not Insta, not Snapchat, not even oldfolks’ Facebook (of which I’m an Ardent Admirer).  But I like the blog for its simplicity.  Its comfort.  It’s a nice medium, one that has a timelessness.


So, I plan on blogging.  A resolution is to blog once a week, and to post snippets from works-in-progress.

Here is the first line of a new novel I’m working on, Her Majesty’s Shadow Giants:

“The rat king did not believe in second chances.”

Much love to you and yours on this, the first day of the New Year.

More soon.



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