Week Four, 2019 Edition

A day late, Gentle Reader, apologies! Yesterday was Full of Meetings, and yoga, and I confess, I did not get much work done other than those things. It is going to be a rather busy few weeks at school, and we had a winter storm that turned my backyard into an ice sheet! Of course, my two husky mixes love the cold and snow and ice, and want to be outside all the time. My eldest, a lab/border collie mix, just runs outside, does her business, and runs back in. She’s having none of this nonsense.

I have been working on Her Majesty’s Shadow Giants, however, and writing a split narrative. In Becoming, two chapters follow one character, two chapters another, with other chapters interspersed from various points of view. Definitely an omniscient POV. But I usually either write straight first person or straight one-view third person, so this one, third person split between two people, is new to me. I sent the partial draft to my agent, who liked what he saw, and encouraged me to keep going. It was good to get the feedback, since no one else has seen this book! I still have two others on the back burner: the sequel to Marvel, and The Last of the Quarter, an adult post-apocalyptic type of event. Marvel is on the market (!), so I don’t want to go too far into the sequel, in case it gets picked up (!!!) and there are changes, and I’m frozen on The Last of the Quarter. I don’t know where to go next! I want to keep my momentum of writing every morning, so I started the new MS.


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