Forging Ahead

I am juggling three different manuscripts right now, Gentle Reader, and I have recently moved away from one to come back to another. The three are:

The Last of the Quarter – a WWIII novel in the nearish future.

Marvel in the Ruins – the sequel to Marvel Among the Demons.

Her Majesty’s Shadow Giants – a YA novel set in 1880s Scotland.

I became stalled on Shadow Giants and decided to move back to The Last of the Quarter. That one is slow going, because I’m rereading and editing as I move through it. I think I’m on chapter 6 or 7 of the reread, and it’s about 100 pages of MS at this point, if not more. So I’m not writing every morning as much as revising and reading. It’s still work, but it doesn’t feel as productive as writing every day.

The one I really want to work on is the sequel to Marvel, but as it’s been shopped right now, I don’t want to write anything on a sequel in case something in the first book has to be changed. I did recently reread what I have, and I’m pretty happy with the progress on it.

This is my process. I have to have multiple MS going at one time, and move from one to the next according to mood. I don’t write from outlines. I just WRITE. The plot comes to me as I’m writing.

One thing I do miss, though, is my OCD bursts of writing, when I’d sit for 4 or 6 hours all day just writing. Now that my OCD is being treated, I don’t have that obsessiveness anymore. I miss my productivity sometime. Mental health is a bitch, any way you look at it.


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