Day 1: Headed to London on a Late Flight

Greetings, Gentle Reader. One of the benefits of evening flights overseas is that you get to sleep and wake up to a different time zone. One of the downsides is that you wait ALL BLOODY DAY to get going. For someone with my levels of anxiety, that’s a difficult process. LET’S GO ALREADY!!


So I managed to pack everything into one backpack, one carry-on suitcase, and one crossbody purse. This is rather exciting for me since I am the person who works on fashion, and obsesses over fashion, and overpacks because of, you guessed it: fashion. But I limited my clothing and got everything sorted into my suitcase. I’m staying at an Air B&B and there will be a washer so that will help immensely.

Am I worried about traveling abroad? England is not even at a Level one on the CDC website, and having OCD means I wash my hands. A lot. So I will take normal precautions, same as I do during flu season.

So this time tomorrow, if everything goes to plan, I will be landing in London and trying to get across town to my Air B&B, but I will NOT have overpacked, so yay?

More soon.


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