Day 2: Arrived in London

A rather uneventful flight, Gentle Reader, overall. I ate a VERY expensive dinner in O’Hare airport (salad and chips and guac, so unexpectedly expensive) and then slept for most of my flight to London. My sleep was a bit fragmented, despite the medicine I take that, while not a sleeping pill, does knock me out about two hours after taking it for another reason (other than sleep). Small brekkie on the plane, then a quick trip through passport control, and four trains to my flat in Zone 2.

It’s so cute! A little “Londony,” which means the bathroom is down a bit of a steep flight of stairs (en suite, so just mine) and I am figuring out the coffee maker and opening the garden door but I am settling in for where I’ll be staying for the next two weeks. After I called my husband and my dad, I headed back down the road for lunch (full English) and shopping.

I may stay a carnivore simply for English bacon and sausage.

The grocery store was a bit of a hassle because I had SO MANY THINGS and my little basket was heavy and I couldn’t find the eggs or the sugar substitute and asked just about everyone in the store, whether they worked there or not. Then my self-checkout was a bit of a struggle, since my card is American and I have to sign, not chip and pin like British cards. I carried my very heavy groceries back to the flat where I unloaded and finally, finally showered.

Currently, I am washing my airplane clothes and drinking some tea, about to eat some biscuits. Tea, at least, I have figured out.

BTW, Boots here is out of antibacterial gel, so if you’re traveling abroad, bring your own. I’ve never, ever seen a plane of people so aware of germs before. People brought Lysol wipes and were wiping down every surface of their seat. I confess, Reader, I did the same.

More soon!

Your Humble Narrator, washed and showered and running on caffeine and little sleep.

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