Day 4, Take 2: The Author is Tired

Sorry, Gentle Reader. No pictures as I can’t share my archival work. For personal research only. BUT I did see so many amazing things today, in both sessions! The curator heard me say I liked worn clothing in the archive, so she took out a corset I hadn’t requested to show it to me.

But Reader? I’m exhausted. I forgot how exhausting big cities are. I’m so used to driving everywhere, not hoofing it from one end of London to the next. And my shoes were killing my feet. So I went to St. Pancras to a (rather expensive) shoe store and bought the first ones I tried on. They’re SUPER CUTE and COMFY and I am about to cry my feet hurt so much.

And I’m SO VERY TIRED. I’m having tea and a day-old half scone because I can’t bring myself to cook just yet although honestly I might just have cheese and crackers and strawberries for dinner. One plate. No pots or pans.

Love you. More soon.


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