Day 5: From a Pub’s Free Wifi

Like Wordsworth, I love a daffodil.

In all the concern over health and all the recent crisis, I must say London is pretty much business as normal, Gentle Reader. Some face masks on people (real or homemade), some signs of hand sanitizer, but Keep Calm and Carry On does go far with the Brits.

I saw this lovely daffodil this morning on the way to the V&A Archives, and I took a few pictures of it. It cheered me up, as did my new shoes. O! I cannot tell you how much better my feet feel! While I may have spent ALL the money on new shoes (not really but I was not shy when I threw down that credit card), they are So Very Worth It. Also, cute!

The new shoes saving my feet!

I’m currently at a pub where I am drinking coffee and I’ve just finished fish and chips. They’re forgiving of lingering, and they have free WiFi, and I still have an hour before I report back to the archives, so here I am!

Today I looked at gorgeous wedding dresses from the 19thc, and some too fragile to take out, so I got to go in the stores and look at them in situ. This afternoon is shawls, and tomorrow is the Fan Museum.


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